12Send has been designed for webshops that are delivering goods in European countries
and want to increase customer satisfaction, with a same-day delivery solution.


Improved lead-times

12Send offers you a same-day European distribution network. Goods leaving your warehouse at 12:00PM can be delivered before 10:00PM to your customer. The 12Send service can compete with domestic markets.

About 12Send

Products shipped with the 12Send service are processed and loaded through the Airport’s infrastructure, and travel to KLM destinations Europe-wide. It is a door-to-door solution enabling webshops to deliver their goods same-day at an affordable price in the main cities in Europe.

Why did we start  12Send

More and more consumers expect to get their orders delivered the same-day or within 24 hours. These options are only available in the various domestic markets. The 12Send service will set a new standard in cross border e-commerce deliveries. 12Send provides webshops with a same-day European delivery solution that enables them to open new markets.

1. Ordering the goods

Your customer orders the goods on your webshop. 12Send receives a RTP (Ready To Pickup) message. Our courier will then come and collect the goods.

2. Flying the goods

KLM flies to your destination city more than once a day for delivering your goods. Products leaving your warehouse during the day arrive at the destination airport that same-day.

3. Delivering the goods

Where possible our bike couriers deliver your goods with a smile in record time. Of course the complete chain is fully track & traceable.


12Send offers several services. Depending on your wishes you can choose for same-day European delivery or a time-critical service (delivery e.g. before 9:00, 12:00 or 18:00) or an economy service.
You can send an unlimited number of shipments each day. This can be shipments with different service levels.
No, you only pay for the shipments that you have booked.
Yes, you can click on “show all shipments” and get an overview of all your current shipments. We also offer a tool generating an overview in excel of all bookings done within a certain time period.
Main condition: goods are in free circulation in Europe, all customs duties have been paid.
Your products need to fit in a box 60x40x35cm
Same-day Europe is intended for free circulated goods only. The following items can unfortunately not be sent using this service:
• No dangerous goods
• No living animals, plants
• Tobacco, alcohol, medicines, electronic devices, lithium batteries
If you sell to consumers without meeting them face-to-face, you enter into a contract by internet, telephone, etc. this is called distance selling. You can click here for extended regulatory information about it Distance selling regulatory information.
Only if the total value of your sales to that country in the year exceeds the limit set by that country (For example € 35.000 in IT, ES, FR or €100.000 in DE or NL).
For more information please click here


Interested in reaching your European customers same-day? 12send is your solution for fulfilling your customers expectation. You want it now, you get it now. Same-day delivery in Europe.